Africa: Innovation for Development

We create, maintain and invest in digital innovations to improve people's lives.

Our Purpose

To help improve the lives of people in the continent by launching digital platforms, marketplaces and innovations with proven business models.


A Continent That Needs More

Today, 40% of the continent's one billion people live in cities. Internet penetration is growing thanks to major investments in mobile networks and infrastructure. There is a significant opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors who focus on delivering quality Internet services to an emerging population.

The rate of return on foreign investment is higher in Africa than in any other developing region. Demand for services is growing, as does the population. Our goal is to focus on localizing digital platforms with proven business models, to maximize the return on capital investments.

Why Africa

1.2 billion people

Growing rapidly

20% of the Earth's land

Size of the opportunity

54 different countries

Each with their own needs

Building The Future Today

We aim to make a meaningful difference in the development of the continent.